How To Look After Your Heart

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This short, introductory note takes nothing away from the specialist heart surgeon. Because there may come a time in one of the readers’ lives that he or she may need acute heart surgery in Hilton Head. There may be hereditary factors at play. But there are also the age-old problems of obesity and not taking care of oneself as a whole. These are things that could be dealt with at the source, long before there is any risk of suffering from a heart attack or long-term cardiovascular disease.

Indeed, the cardiovascular or heart surgeon is well-placed to be of assistance to the patient who needs to address his or her obesity illness. Yes, that is quite correct; obesity is now ranked as an illness, but it remains pitiable that a number of medical insurance companies stubbornly refuse to underwrite this illness. But they are prepared to insure heart or cardiovascular surgery which, in essence, costs an absolute fortune.

So then, is it a case of pleading with perceptively qualified professionals to go and do the math? Speaking of which, some math may well be required to plan a course of action for the obesity suffer. A collective effort is required here. If the path from obesity to full health and wellness is to be achieved, a number of health and wellness professionals could be roped in. Patients who have the policies also need to check witch services will be covered by the insurance schemers.

This in order to take full advantage of the system if you will, a privilege or entitlement that the patients have surely earned should their monthly to annual premiums be paid fully up to date. Ultimately, if there is no hereditary disease, heart surgery should be regarded as a last resort.