Dual Diagnosis: Questions and Answers

Sometimes, depending on the person and the circumstances surrounding the diagnosis, a mental health patient may actually be diagnosed with two conditions at once. When this happens, it is known as a dual diagnosis, and can present some interesting challenges for the affected person, as well as for their medical team.

Have you or someone you know been given a dual diagnosis? This can be a foreign term for many folks, so to make sure you’re caught up on the topic, check out some of these questions and answers surrounding dual diagnosis patients.

What is the “dual diagnosis” model of treatment?

This is when issues such as substance abuse and mental conditions occur at the same time, requiring professionals to come up with a treatment plan that can address both problems.

How are dual diagnosis patients treated?

It is an interesting thing to be caught in, because both conditions must be treated. The patient will normally have to work with their therapist to come up with an adequate plan to treat both of the conditions in a positive way. In time, the patient should hopefully come up with a few ways they can deal with both of their conditions and cope with them healthily.

Can a person really have more than one mental condition?

Yes. In fact, it is estimated that around 7.9 million American adults deal with multiple mental conditions at one time. This is known by a few terms, including dual diagnosis and co-morbidity.

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